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Working with Leadus Ltd Transport Training we can offer the following.

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CPC Periodic Training - Modules available

There is a legal minimum requirement to do training in 7 hour blocks. Our modules are either 3.5 hours or 7 hours long so you may have to do a combination of 2 x 3.5 hours to make up your 7 hours. Please remeber that HGV Drivers will need 35 hours of training every 5 years from September 2014 and Bus Drivers from September 2013. There are no exams or tests, you qualify by attendance.

A: Digital and Analogue Tachograph Training - 3.5 hours.
We look at the Digital Tachograph and the paper style Analogue Charts. We will show you how to use a Digital Tachograph and explain what it’s all about.
B: EU & UK Drivers Hours including the EU Mobile Workers "Working Time Directive" - 3.5 hours.
We will examine in detail EU Drivers Hours, how they relate to your job, how to keep records and for how long. We will explain the Working Time Directive and how it relates to drivers.
C: Fuel Economic Driving - 3.5 hours.
In this module we will look at what causes poor fuel consumption and ways of improving fuel usage. How to get a better mpg and save money.
D: Safe loading of HGV's and the working environment - 3.5 hours.
We look at the loading environment both on site and on the vehicle. We investigate centres of gravity, load positioning, security of loads, rollovers and how to prevent them from happening.
E: Drivers Health, Daily Vehicle checks, Accidents; Avoidance and procedures, Basic Emergency Aid. - 7 hours.
In this module we look at Drivers health and wellbeing, food & Nutrition, drivers daily Walk round checks, routine vehicle maintenance. We delve into the reasons for accidents both in the workplace and on the road. We take a look at what to do after an accident. We take a look at Basic Emergency Aid, and what we can do to help following an accident.

Ongoing development of training areas

We are developing more training areas all the time. If you have a specific area of training that you would like us to develop for your business please contact us.

Leadus Ltd Transport Training